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My Work

I am a textile artist from the East Riding of Yorkshire, UK. I specialise in creating textile work that combines elements of painting and stitching into 2D and 3D pieces.  


My current ongoing collection is inspired by British wildlife, portrayed through paint and stitch and created in both flat and sculptural form. Each sculptural piece is created using a combination of painting, embroidery and assembly.  I also produce commission pieces of pets, past and present, as well as favourite animals and specific animal requests.


My work was recently exhibited at both Pocklington Arts Centre and the Ferens Gallery Open Exhibitions. 


Animal Head Textile Sculptures

I accept commission work for textile animal heads. I work from photos to create a beautiful textile sculpture of your pet or animal's head. My sculptures are made using an armature, sculpted to match the animal's bone and head structure, then each section is covered with embroidered and painted pieces to create a finished life-size 3D textile animal head. Each piece is made with a ring so it can be safely hung from a wall.  Production times vary, depending on the animal and availability. Prices start at £200. Deposit required. For more enquiries, please use the contact form

Embroidered Artwork and Fabrics


I accept commissions for embroidered artwork and printed fabrics. Using embroidery and mixed-media techniques, I can create a design featuring your choice of images, carefully composed into a repeat pattern. You can purchase original embroideries (framed or unframed), digital prints of your pattern up to A3 size, or printed fabric, by the metre. Printed fabrics are printed using a partner digital printing provider, prices depend on quantity and fabric type required (please contact me for a lost of available fabrics and suggested uses) Our partner also provides a selection of printed products from homewares, fashion items and stationery. Prices available on request. Our approximate prices are below (please note, these will depend on individual briefs and should be used only as a guide). For a full quote, please contact me 


  • Animal head textile sculpture - prices start at £200

  • Single painting/embroidery on fabric up to A5 size priced from £40

  • Repeat pattern design up to A3 size (digital print only) paper print and digital file priced from £130

  • Repeat pattern design fee (digital file only) priced from £90

  • Printed fabrics (by the metre) priced from £30 per metre* plus design fee (see above)

  • Printed stationery, homeware, fashion items - prices on request*

*please contact me for fabrics available and prices as these do vary 

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